Argentina: Welcome to Jesusworld
Expanded gallery from Tierra Santa – Buenos Aires' camp theme park which brings Jesus' story to life using plastic and robots

Mexico: Island of the Dolls
Welcome to Mexico's most macabre attraction – a remote island that's home to hundreds to rotting terror tots.

Japan: Village of the Darned
In Japan's luscious Iya Valley on the island of Shikoku, local artists are getting busy with a needle to repopulate their village

Thailand: Monkey Tea Party
Every November the Thai city of Lopburi goes bananas and stages the world's biggest monkey food fight

Bolivia: Steampunk Graveyard
When the Bolivian mining industry crashed, many steam trains were left to rot in the desert. See them in the Train Cemetery

Indonesia: Life and death in the highlands
In the mountains of southern Sulawesi, a unique culture has evolved where death is part of everyday life

Singapore: Disneyland for Sinners
A theme park from the 1930s is one of Singapore's weirdest and most gruesome attractions. Take a trip to Haw Par Villa

Indonesia: Welcome to the Jungle, part 2
After travelling deep into Korowai territory, it's time to hit the jungle trail and plunge deep into the heart of the Papuan wilderness

Indonesia: Welcome to the Jungle, part 1
From the Baliem Valley to the remote village of Mabul, join an expedition into the wilds of the Papuan jungle