Argentina: Welcome to Jesusworld
On the outskirts of Buenos Aires is South America's first religious theme park, which recreates the streets of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. Sample the camp delights of Tierra Santa in our latest post

Mexico: Island of the Dolls
In the sprawling canals south of Mexico City, a tiny island has become the country's most macabre attraction. Steel yourself for a trip to the nightmarish Island of the Dolls

Japan: Village of the Darned
When the population of Nagoro, a remote village in rural Japan, dwindled, a local artist made scarecrows to repopulate her town

Thailand: Monkey Tea Party
Asia's biggest monkey bash sees over 3,000 macaques gorging on fruit and candy. And you're invited to the party

Bolivia: Steampunk Graveyard
When the mining industry in Bolivia died, iron giants were left to rot in the desert. Pay your respects at the Train Cemetery

Indonesia: Life and death in the highlands
Londa is an ancient burial site in the isolated highlands of Tana Toraja, watched over by statues of the dead

Singapore: Disneyland for Sinners
If you've ever watched pornography or cheated in exams, Haw Par Villa's vision of the punishment you'll face in Hell is chilling

Indonesia: Welcome to the Jungle, part 2
After days of travelling into the wilderness by boat, it's time to hit the jungle trail – where leeches and a near brush with death await

Indonesia: Welcome to the Jungle, part 1
The Korowai tribe live in the jungles of southern Papua, Indonesia. Join the first leg of an expedition to meet them