Indonesia: Welcome to the Jungle, part 2
After days of travelling into the wilderness by boat, it's time to hit the jungle trail. Monster insects, bloodsucking leeches and a near brush with death – the real adventure starts here.

Mexico: Island of the Dolls
In the sprawling canals south of Mexico City, a tiny island has become the country's most macabre attraction. Steel yourself for a trip to the nightmarish Island of the Dolls

Japan: Village of the Darned
When the population of Nagoro, a remote village in rural Japan, dwindled, a local artist made scarecrows to repopulate her town

Thailand: Monkey Tea Party
Asia's biggest monkey bash sees over 3,000 macaques gorging on fruit and candy. And you're invited to the party

Bolivia: Steampunk Graveyard
When the mining industry in Bolivia died, iron giants were left to rot in the desert. Pay your respects at the Train Cemetery

Indonesia: Life and death in the highlands
Londa is an ancient burial site in the isolated highlands of Tana Toraja, watched over by statues of the dead

Singapore: Disneyland for Sinners
If you've ever watched pornography or cheated in exams, Haw Par Villa's vision of the punishment you'll face in Hell is chilling

Indonesia: Welcome to the Jungle, part 1
The Korowai tribe live in the jungles of southern Papua, Indonesia. Join the first leg of an expedition to meet them